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The Buying Process

All property sales follow a structured process and Roderick Price will help you every step of the way. You can register with Roderick Price by using the form on this website, e-mailing, telephoning or calling into our office in person.

We will start the process of searching for properties that meet your criteria. You will be sent details of potential properties and you can also search for yourself using our website. Don't forget our free email list for you to receive new properties to market - every week - its easy ,just click on our register button on our home page and enter your email address. Viewings of properties that you are interested in will be set up as quickly as possible. Simply contact us and we will arrange appointments for you to view  properties that you are interested in.

Roderick Price will undertake making an offer for a property on your behalf. We will contact the seller by telephone and put forward your offer. All offers are subject to contract which means that there is no legal binding  commitment for you to buy[ or sell ]until a formal  contract has been signed by all parties.

The  legal conveyance stage of the sale requires a solicitor. The solicitor will handle all legal paperwork required as part of the sale process and subsequent transfer of ownership. We will be happy to recommend solicitors to handle this aspect of the process.

Once an offer has been accepted you will need to advise your solicitor who will deal directly with the solicitor of the seller. Agree on dates for the exchange of legal contracts and the actual completion of the sale as early as possible in the process. If you are arranging a mortgage then contact your lender also at this stage.

Survey and Searches are  then carried out. The  solicitor will make a Land Registry and local authority search, that will show any planning consents or local issues that may have relevance to the property. The mortgage lender will themselves arrange  a survey of the property and will subsequently make you an offer of loan.

A Draft Contract will be drawn up by the seller's solicitor and forwarded to your solicitor. Your solicitor approves the draft contract , after any queries or questions raised have been answered satisfactorily.

The lender will send a Mortgage offer to your solicitor, which you will be asked to sign. Once this has been done the money to buy the property is in place. An Exchange of Contracts can now take place, which both buyer and seller sign. A deposit is paid either by bank transfer or banker's draft.This,  at long last is the point of no return by both parties , and a completion date is agreed . At completion,   the outstanding balance is paid on that day,  you are given the keys, at which point you become the proud owner of the property.


"I can't really afford more expense."
"Do I really need a survey report?"
"Will the Building Society or Banks copy of the valuation report not confirm the stability of the structure?"
"Can you carry out a brief inspection to see that everything is alright?"

These are questions that are frequently asked.

Buying a property is one of the most important decisions in everyday life.  It can also be a time of uncertainty and doubt, especially about prices and value for money.  Our valuation and/or survey will provide you with a sound basis for negotiation or renegotiation, which could result in a substantially reduced price with  potential savings of thousands of pounds.  On the other hand, you may be reassured by the valuation, in the knowledge that you are buying at a fair price or better.

All our valuations and surveys are undertaken by our two experienced Directors, who are Chartered Surveyors.  Here we include descriptions of the types of valuation and surveys available, to help clients select the most appropriate service for their needs.


Mortgage Valuations
Are provided for Banks and Building Societies - not for you.  You may require a mortgage to assist you to buy, but don't assume the property is free of structural defects or in need of repair - the mortgage report does not protect you.

A Valuation for You
We can provide you with a report as to the accurate market value of the property you wish to buy.  It will not detail necessary repairs, but should assist you greatly in negotiating the price you pay for the property.


The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Home Buyers Survey and Valuation report takes a middle course between a valuation and a full structural survey.  It enables you to gain an expert's view of the value and condition of a property at reasonable cost.  Advice is reported in a standard 9-page format and the general condition of each major component of the property is noted: for example, the condition of the roof, walls, floors, chimneys etc..  Essentially, it informs you of the major defects/repairs necessary, together with a market valuation, as to whether you have made a sound investment, or are simply paying too much.


The full structural survey is a detailed and technical report on a building.  Some properties require complex investigation and consideration beyond the scope of the Home Buyers Report.  These reports are particularly suited to period houses and commerical/leisure properties, and are far longer than the Home Buyers Report - they can be up to 30 pages long!


So, whether you are buying a house, cottage, bungalow, flat, smallholding, farm, business or leisure property, we can help.  What will these reports cost?  Basically, it depends upon the size and type of the property you are buying.  Please  email  or phone  our office, provide a brief description of the property and price you are paying ,  and we will be pleased to provide (free of charge) a quotation for the valuation/survey you require.




Buying a property is the most expensive undertaking you will ever encounter, so don't take it lightly and cut corners.  The recently decorated house you see may well be concealing damp or rot!

You will choose a property and make an offer to the owner, you will negotiate and eventually agree a price. You should make this final offer subject to survey and then contact us.  Choose the valuation or survey you prefer and we will provide you with a quote.  We will then write to you confirming your intructions and proceed to inspect the property and report to you, normally within a few days.

You will receive the report and then you have two options.

  • The report will say the property is in sound condition (as you may have expected) and worth the money you are paying.  You may then continue to buy.
  • The property is in need of urgent repairs far greater than you envisaged, or is worth less than you are paying.  You may then withdraw or re-negotiate the purchase price, sometimes aided by presenting our report to the seller.

Whatever you decide, it will be with peace of mind, safe in the knowledge of whether the property will cost you money as soon as you move in.

Remember - our survey report may well be the best investment you could make.

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